Delivered monthly, Friday Night Curry spiceboxes (from are convenient little spice and recipe kits that let you create a whole Indian menu for a Friday night in. The kits make cooking a variety of tasty dishes really easy. To cook four really authentic tasting dishes in parallel took about 30mins of prep then an hour [...]

Each January, the Pagan tradition of Wassailing brings a great opportunity to get outdoors, share some merryment and sample orchard produce!  The annual event at the Middle Farm in Sussex, provides a great opportunity to take part in the tradition and enjoy tasty treats! The English tradition of Wassailling in the orchard aims to wake [...]

Fishfight Musings

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Fish Fight campaign highlights a shocking truth that about half the fish caught in the North Sea catch is thrown back dead - part driven by EU quotas and part by the UK’s preference to eat just three fish species.  The solution is two-fold; change the quota system and change UK eating habits.  [...]