A while ago, I got a comment from Mario suggesting another recipe to make use of the Date Syrup. Simply put, Dibis W’rashi is a mix of Tahini (Sesame Seed Paste) and Date Syrup (Rub). It originates from Assyria (a region encompassing Iraq), although variations occur in other places. In Turkey, they mix Tahini with Pekmez (a syrup from grapes, figs or mulberries). They’re both usually had for breakfast, or as a snack.

We had a bit of a slow morning so I decided to try it out. Although very simple, the results certainly warrant mentioning on here. I followed Mario’s directions and just mixed an approximate 1:4 ratio of date syrup to tahini. I’ve seen some recipes that also mention adding lemon juice. I served it with a lightly warmed (but not toasted), sliced Seeded Bloomer. I also made Espresso from some coffee we got back from Mount Elgon (which I added a touch of sugar in the middle-eastern way).

Sliced Seeded Bloomer

I’d describe the taste similar to a sweet peanut butter with a hint of dates. Jenny mentioned Nutella which I probably shouldn’t mention (we don’t want to associate ourselves with Nutella). It was really delicious but possibly slightly too sweet for me by the end, but I don’t really eat sweet stuff and I had put sugar in my coffee too! Next time I’ll try less syrup, I don’t think it really needed lemon juice (although I have to try too). It would probably also be improved with flat bread rather than the bloomer.

It reminded me of a snack a friend of mine from UAE prepared. It was a form of dates somewhere between whole dried dates and the syrup, apparently it was made with the highest quality dates – we ate it with a flat bread.

Dibis W'rashi with sliced seeded bloomer and Espresso

Whilst I was making it I also tried some Tahini by itself, usually we only tend to use it for making Hummus or eat it in Falafel wraps. It’s quite nutty but also slightly bitter (I like). I see that some people have it on bread instead of peanut butter – another thing to try.