Delivered monthly, Friday Night Curry spiceboxes (from are convenient little spice and recipe kits that let you create a whole Indian menu for a Friday night in. The kits make cooking a variety of tasty dishes really easy.

To cook four really authentic tasting dishes in parallel took about 30mins of prep then an hour or so of simmering, with smells to make your mouth water!

2013-11-01 18.35.44

The recent Discoverer kit included the spice blends to make Lamb Dupiaza, Khatta Meetha Kaddu (Squash/Pumpkin with citrus), Chana Dahl and a spicy rata, plus instructions for a spinach and fresh ginger side dish.

The simple recipes were really easy to follow and set out as a chronological narrative – before knowing it, the dishes are all being prepared in parallel.

2013-11-01 18.38.35

The end results were really delicious and a nice mix of meat, pulse and veg dishes.

2013-11-01 20.31.00

A real plus is that kits like this will let you try a variety of dishes, complimentary to each other, that would perhaps not be things you’d choose to make, thus expanding your repertoire!

Yummy food and a great gift idea.